Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My new day job

This summer we finally decided to fix up the outside of the house. Nothing special, just replace the parts which were falling apart all around us. Our house is a 1929 Tutor overlooking Lake Michigan, and it still had a lot of original woodwork which had amazingly held up well against the elements throughout the decades, lasting just long enough for us to move in. We also had rotten boards from a 1997 remodel to replace too!

So we've had con$truction guy$ around for a couple of month$, and lots of problems have been fixed! But we were too cheap to hire painters, so Sam and I have done all the painting ourselves, two coats on everything, with lots of edging between the brown beams and the "sail-cloth" plaster-looking areas.

Here's the front of the house, that entire gable facade is completely new now...

Image hosted by

And here's the north side of the house, all that stuff is new too, and there's me up on the scaffolding painting!!
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